Lets Talk - Integrative Counselling
Why Counselling ?
People seek counselling for all sorts of problems. Sometimes we can cope with these problems and sometimes we need help to look at issues and understand what is going on for us by gaining personal insight and self-awareness. Life problems can lead us to depression and anxiety, and can make us feel that we are stuck.
You may be having difficulty dealing with your recent circumstances for example bereavement, redundancy, stress, relationship or any other changes in your life. There may not be any specific issue but you just don't feel right, but can't put your finger on what is going on for you.
It can help you to have a better understanding of the past and/or the present and can help you to consider choices and opportunities for the future. Alternatively, counselling can help you to accept things in your life that you cannot change or do not want to change
How can Counselling help you ?
Counselling is not advice or guidance but a safe non-judgmental place for you to explore feelings and to try to make sense of what is happening for you.
Counselling helps you to see yourself clearly so you know how to issues and implement change. You are empowered to do things differently, the changes you decide to make can become part of your everyday life.
Acceptance and warmth are offered and as the relationship develops that will bring trust between the counsellor and yourself enabling you to explore many aspects of your life, which may have been too painful to look at or may have never occurred to you.
Counselling can help you to take control of your life.
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